When you’re longing to give your rooms a new look but don’t want to splurge on all-new furniture , a change of home decor is the best solution. A few thoughtfully chosen home decoration pieces, from carpets to lamps and cushion covers , can make an ordinary room beautiful. Browse our catalogue to get inspiring home decoration idea

Home decor

Home Decor

A house will remain a shell with walls and roof unless there’s care and thought and love put into furnishing each corner. This whole process of visualising a home, from deciding the style and what to put where to picking out decor and lighting, can be long and tedious, yet immensely fulfilling. Home decoration ideas can come from anywhere: home decor pictures in magazines, the homes of friends or relatives, hotels or homestays that you travel to on holidays, photographs in magazines that may trigger your imagination, Pinterest, or even movie sets.

Types Of Home Décor

Some people build each space around one piece of furniture that is the most loved or valued. Others may have no such focal piece, but a general idea of the feel the room should create: warm and cosy, cool and modern, or delightfully eclectic. There are no rules here, except one: spend time visualising what you want, so that you’re not completely lost when you start shopping for online home decor. Here are some types of home décor, find out what your style is:

o    Traditional: Want nothing more than a comfortable, welcoming look? Traditional décor achieves just that – simple symmetry, warmth and           simplicity. Think beautiful teak wood furniture and pretty throws.

o    Boho-chic: Never one to toe the line? Embrace the gypsy in you and make your home reflect your personality. Pick out colours and fabrics      that you love with wild abandon and create your own style with them. The boho-chic style speaks of individuality, freedom of expression          and an intense personality.

o    Contemporary: Live in the moment. With neither the cosy elements of the traditional style nor starkly minimalistic, the contemporary style aims       to be neat, subtle and superbly designed. Plenty of open spaces with a neutral colour palette is a good start on the contemporary style.

o    Country: Always been a fan of the countryside? Blend in modern conveniences with vintage pieces to achieve the country look. Floral             patterns, local artwork, ornate furniture and rich colours will give your home a rustic touch. All that you need is a pot of tea and some             cake on the table!

o    Minimalistic: Think monochrome, sleek furniture and sharp lines. But these are just a few elements of minimalistic décor. The idea is to achieve       the look you want with very few pieces.

o    Rustic: Earthy, rough and unfinished, yet utterly charming. Rustic takes you right back to the basics. Unpolished furniture and earthy fabrics       are a good starting point for a rustic look.

Home decor items are not always easy to choose, especially if you are shopping for home decor online. It can be tricky getting exactly what you want and sometimes you may fall in love with something entirely different from what you had originally planned! It’s always good to define your style for the long run – mixing and matching to re-do the space can come later.

Tips To Get Started On Home Décor

Home decor online shopping allows you to browse a large variety of designs, compare prices, and add items to a wish list if you don’t want to splurge right now. You can also share items on your shortlist with your partner or other members of the family or even a friend with good taste to get their views before you buy. Here are some home décor tips before you get started:

o    The focal point: In each room, keep one item as the focal point.
o    This could be a home wall decor item, a striking chair, a grandfather clock, or your 55-inch TV and audio system.
o    Let everything else in the room revolve around this.
o    Upholstery: If you want to play safe, stick to neutral upholstery for the furniture because that goes with almost every kind of decor,

      and it’s easy to give the space a new look with just a few changes in decor.
o    Lighting: The right lighting can utterly transform the ambience of a room.
o    Cool white light gives a pristine, modern feel and is more work-friendly, while warm lights create a cosy look.
o    Have both options so that your spaces become multifunctional.

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