dining table isn’t just where you sit to have your meals. Covered in books during exam season, a dining table set becomes a war room. On bad days, it’s where you find comfort with a friend and a cup of coffee. Sometimes it is just where you dump all the clutter of the day. So, what value seems right when it comes to dining table price? Fear not, Footsteps has options for every budget

Dining tables and sets

Dining room sets

When choosing dining room furniture, think about the size and layout of your space and the overall atmosphere you want to create. A small dining room can benefit from an extendable dining table, which allows you to accommodate extra guests when necessary without compromising on your everyday space.

If you need to incorporate storage into your layout, a sideboard is a great solution, as it offers plenty of space for organising spare crockery and tablecloths and can easily be tucked away against the longest wall. Alternatively, if you’re keen to show off your prized heirlooms and photos, consider integrating a glass front display cabinet into your dining room.

For more tips on designing the perfect dining room, check out our dining room furniture guide.

Beyond the essential pieces, our collection of dining room furniture includes a huge selection of accessories, so you can inject personality into your space. A mirror will enhance a formal dining room atmosphere while also helping light to bounce around the room, creating the illusion of a large space.

Make a bold statement with an oversized clock– available in antique-effect designs and boutique-inspired styles, you can give your dining room a cool industrial appeal or enhance a cosy, country-cottage vibe.

Complete the scene with lamps, which will add to the lighting scheme in your dining room and help set the atmosphere. A tall floor lamp is ideal for brightening up a dark corner, while a table lamp looks great when place on top of a sideboard or side table.

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