The versatile coffee table. This piece of furniture is central to having a great time when entertaining visitors at your home. It is the pièce de résistance in your living room. It is where all the action takes place—from swapping stories around cups of coffee to having the family gathered around buckets of popcorn while watching the latest thriller. Modern coffee table designs are inconspicuous when you need them to be, yet ooze with style and charm when they are noticed. You can buy your coffee table online and find one that suits your décor, budget and requirements.

Coffee tables

A coffee table makes the perfect storage facility and can also double as a stylish focal point, adding both character and functionality to you space.
There’s a reason footsteps coffee table is such a staple in the living room, it’s one of the most versatile pieces of furniture for the home. From its job as the perfect rest for a steamy mug of tea, a stack of the latest copies of your favourite magazine, or the TV remotes, it’s no surprise our coffee tables are so popular.

Choose from a variety of styles.

Consider the dimensions
Creating a calm and cosy living room is all about choosing furniture that looks in proportion with the rest of the space.
When choosing your coffee table, be sure to measure the height of your sofa from the cushions downwards. Your coffee table should be as close in height as possible to this. When it comes to length, try to opt for one that’s around two-thirds the length of your sofa, so that it can neatly be cantered in front, with an adequate gap either side.

Leave a minimum gap of around 45cm between the coffee table and the area surrounding it. This will ensure there is plenty of space to walk around it while still being positioned close enough to provide easy access to drinks and snacks.

How to style a coffee table
Add extra flair to your coffee table by styling it to suit the wider décor in your living room. Add intrigue and color by incorporating a stack of large books or create some height with a bunch of flowers.
If you want to display loose items such as candles and ornaments, try placing them in a decorative tray so they’re grouped together neatly. For a minimalistic appeal, opt for a single sculptural piece and let it take center stage.
We have styles from the modern to the more classic, and from the minimal to those packed with drawers and storage shelves to display your favourite items, so check out all our great choices to find your perfect mango, painted or oak coffee table and don't forget that we offer delivery straight to your living room.


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